Rogers Place (Part 2)


It seems like I start off every blog post raving about how amazing the customers were and how darn happy we (and they) are with the results.....

....Aaaand I'm going to do it again. 

We met the client through a recommendation from our friends over at Floor Coverings International -- she had been in touch with them about some flooring for her kitchen renovation, and had also been in touch with a contractor that she felt good about using. Normally, we would be the first call when a client begins their renovation process but we were more than happy to jump in with the trades they had already coordinated with. 

From the first meeting, I knew that Susan would be a lot of fun. She had a good sense of humor, a keen eye for the "little things", and she knew what she wanted. Did I mention she had a good sense of humour? I love to laugh on the job so the ability to joke around and not take things so seriously is a must. As soon as she started throwing out the "don't tell Bill" and the "we'll just keep that little detail to ourselves", I knew we were going to get along just fine. 


Susan and Bill's existing kitchen was a small, L-shaped, eat-in kitchen. The adjacent dining room was also a bit cramped. There was no flow to the home and not much natural light to spread around either. The wood cabinets were tired. The floor was even more-so. The sunken TV room was also in need of an update. 

So. As usual, we got to work asking questions over a cup of coffee. Ok, maybe it was wine. 


The wish list wasn't overwhelming on the whole, but the kitchen must-haves were going to be a challenge to fit into the existing space. Double wall ovens, a large fridge, an island.....Sure, we can do that....

IF we can take out that wall. 

And that one.

And maybe that one too. 

Oh, and that entrance wall, that's gotta go. 

Yee haw. I love a good blown-wide-open floor plan!

Once we had the spaces allocated, Nathan over at Kitchen Craft went to work on finalizing the cabinet layout for us. He managed to fit everything in that Susan wanted, and with a bit of back and forth tweaking, we were set for the kitchen.

The formal living room at the front of the house was staying largely in-tact, but would get some new hardwood floors. 


The sunken living room at the back would see some new wood railings, a completely re-done fireplace, and some small windows added into the upper part of the wall. We had some new built-in's installed in white to match the kitchen and painted the back of the wall in Benjamin Moore's Ebony King to really make everything pop. Our original plan of saving the existing white brick on the fireplace soon came crashing down as it was installed very poorly when it was put in, and the framing also needed some work. So we grabbed some beautiful cream manufactured stone and worked in more of those soft tone-on-tone colors. A piece of quartz on the hearth finished it off beautifully. Check out this blog post for the details on all of the finishes.  

The kitchen and dining room received the most dramatic transformation, as usual.  

Susan really loved the idea of a darker island and display cabinets in the dining room paired with some white perimeter cabinets. Because the dining space was in such close proximity to the kitchen, we carried the same dark cabinets over into a custom hutch to bring the two spaces together.  The white cabinets really helped to open up the space. She wanted a bit more of a traditional feel, and the finishes were completely in line with this.


At the end of the project Susan had us pull her spaces together with some styling help. She had selected the major furniture pieces already which made our job easy as she has great taste.

We came in with all of the finishing touches -- the area rugs, drapes, wall art, and accent pieces. 

Classic, pretty, timeless -- exactly what she was after, and the space completely delivers.