September - Bold Colors, Cozy Textures, and Getting Back Into Routine

Can I get a hand up for all of you secret summer’s-finally-over lovers? Yeah, you. The one who secretly LOVES breaking out your planner again, because, well – September IS the new January. We’re friends. 

I LOVE this season.

It’s textural. 

It’s moody. 

It’s bold. 

It’s a lot like my design aesthetic, actually. 

It’s see-ya-never PSLs, there’s a bunch of new things I’m crushin’ on this fall and you ain’t one of em. 

Who knew that when my Partner in Crime, Christy from @houseenvyinteriors busted out the #blackbeautykitchen last year, she was well ahead of the curve. Newsflash. She did.

Linner Bay - Shoot 2 (23 of 38).jpg
Linner Bay - Shoot 2 (20 of 38).jpg
_DSC0892 copy.jpg
Linner Bay - Shoot 2 (18 of 38).jpg

I do love a bright, white, clean aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong. But man, do I LOVVVVEEE me some colour. This season, I am madly, head-over-heals, super-fan-girl-crushing over all of these deep greens, moody blues, merlots and burgundy’s marrying rusts. You get my point. It’s good. We’ve put together our fave paint colours for you just in case you’ve been wanting to incorporate some bold colour choices but let’s be honest, that paint fan has got you shook. 

Sept Social_color palette (1).jpg
Sept Social_moodboard (1).jpg

Once you’re done with that paint project, you can layer in some comfy, cozy, textural pieces. Leather. Rope. Caning. Wood. Metal. Velvet. Suede. Aaaaand plants. ALWAYS plants. It’s all fair game and it’s all meant for leaning in and staying a while. Someone pass me that afghan (pictures from Wascana Highlands Basement here) so I can keep scrolling Instagram and Pinterest for all sorts of amazing inspiration. 

Wascana Highlands - Web-13.jpg
Wascana Highlands - Web-4.jpg

Who are we scrolling on Insta these days?! Check out these drool-worthy accounts: 



@ohsolovelyerin (her countertops, seriously!)

@thehomehabit (in all of their organizing glory)

@rabbitandwolves (you eat plants? You need this page)


Even though this season brings the busy-ness of kids activities and that four-letter S word, I really do look forward to getting back into a routine as a family. While I love the beautiful days of our Saskatchewan summers, there is something about Fall that I look forward to every. single. year. (and, it’s not Pumpkin Spice Lattes).