detailed Fees


We price each project on an individual basis after meeting you and your space and assessing the scope of work. Click here to book a free consultation.


Design Phase

This is the flexible amount of your package, as some people use up a lot of time going through everything, while some know exactly what they want and are quick decision makers. An average for this area is around the 15 hour mark. 




Blueprints are drawn up after the design phase is complete. We provide a full set of plans with structural details (stamped) by our engineers. 

Price Per Square Foot Area
$1.25 Main and Second Floor
40¢ Finished Basement
40¢ Unfinished Walkout Basement
90¢ Finished Walkout Basement
90¢ Secondary Suite
50¢ Attached Garage
20¢ Structural Details*

The house and garage foundation design (stamp) is typically around the $1200 mark depending on the complexity of the project.